All India Achievers Foundation         

Seminars & Conferences AIAF has conducted many seminars and conferences in the past. These seminars have deliberated on vital economic issues of the country. These seminars have been chaired by Cabinet Ministers, Governors, Senior bureaucrats, national leaders, Ambassadors from many nations and other leading personalities. These seminars have been attended by people and organizations from all over the country and from other countries. The AIAF organise Management Development Programmes (MDPs) through which it endeavours to bring to the fore modern developments in the area of Management and Information technology, for the development of executives in various sectors of economy. These programmes are well received by professionals of the corporate world, government departments and educational institutions
Procedural, Financial and other Services To Members Members of AIAF have been assisted in their respective areas. This assistance has been provided on the specific request of the members. Information and assistance has been given to members to solve many problems faced by them in the fields of Govt. regulations, finance, data, communication and other sectors.
Quality Control Programm Suggestions and guidance has been given to members on quality certification issues: Quality control professionals are available with AIAF to guide members on quality improvement and certification.
Environment Improvement AIAF has been promoting Environmental Improvement Initiatives in India. AIAF is active in Environmental Education, Biodiversity Conservation, Information Dissemination, Solid Waste Management, Eco-Technology & Heritage Conservation. Environmental Education has been the centrepiece of all programs of the Society. AIAF has been engaged in environmental development activities with a philosophy of self-help and community participation. AIAF has created widespread environmental and civic awareness by promoting community based environmental improvement efforts. The aim of the Society is to reach out to general masses with the messages and services, build-up grass-root movement, and influence need based policy formulation.
Awards The Organization will honor individuals, organizations and institutions with Awards for outstanding contributions and achievements in their respective field. These include economic development in industry, finance and business. Awards will also be given in the fields of industry, education, healthcare, medical treatment and hospitals, hotels and tourism, journalism, astrology and jyotish science, co- operatives and other fields. The Awards consists of a Trophy and Certificate.
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